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Cavendish Lodge Nurseries Cavendish Lodg

cavendish lodge

Cavendish Lodge is a beautiful double-fronted villa with large front and rear gardens. 

We welcomed our first children in 2007 with space for over 100 children divided into spacious air-conditioned rooms.

The nursery offers all year childcare for babies from 6 months, toddlers and pre-schoolers up to rising 5.

Cavendish Lodge is open Monday - Friday from 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

Our nursery award-winning meals are cooked daily on the premises, using fresh and good quality ingredients.

Cavendish Lodge is registered with Ofsted, Lambeth Council, and is a member of the National Day Nurseries Association. 

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our rooms

At Cavendish Lodge our rooms are divided for our babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

'Buttercups' is where our babies from 6 months to 2 years are looked after with lots of love and care. Before they start they get to enjoy three taster sessions to help them get used to new surroundings. With a staff ratio of 1: 3, there are always lots of people on hand to play, help, or give a cuddle.

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Toddlers start at two to two and a half years. It is where you find our independent little ones where they are given more choice in their days, though still within a carefully planned framework. There's a staff ratio of 1:4 to provide lots of guidance and helping hands.

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Cavendish Lodge Preschool is made up of 3 preschool base rooms  - Cheeky Monkeys, Leaping Lemurs and the Clockhouse. Children begin to move up to the first room from around two and half years and will move through the rooms until they start reception, at rising 5 years old. The children now are usually confident and skilful little learners, busy with creative and investigative activities, often with close friends and clear preferences. The staffing ratio is 1:4 for under 3s and 1: 8 for 3 -5 year olds.

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our nursery day

cavendish lodge team

The quality of teaching is outstanding. Our Nursery managers and room leaders support our qualified childcare practitioners in furthering their excellent knowledge of children's development.

The quality of teaching is outstanding. Our Nursery managers and room leaders support our qualified childcare practitioners in furthering their excellent knowledge of children's development.



Nursery Manager

James has worked at Cavendish Lodge Nurseries for over 15 years. He is a dedicated child care leader with a passion for our little ones and staff wellbeing.

James has worked with all age groups and is qualified Child Care practitioner and manager who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Cavendish Lodge nurseries team.



Deputy Manager

Margo is a familiar and popular face, very keen on nurturing staff talent. Margo, who’s originally from South Africa, has worked in nurseries for more than 20 years. She’s well qualified with NVQ Level 3 and BTEC Level 3 in Child Care, Learning and Development, NVQ L5 in leadership and 





Room Leader

Yusraa brings a wealth of experience to the baby room.

She has a passion for working with Babies and has worked her way up from bank staff to room leader during her time at Cavendish.

She enjoys planning exciting activities for our babies.

Yusra forms excellent relationships with parents and carers, which is crucial for settling the children into the nursery.




Room Leader

Carina started at Cavendish Lodge as a Nursery Assistant. Her positive attitude towards work has led her to step up to senior practitioner and recently room leader of our toddler room. Carina has completed her Level 3 in Childcare in record timing and enjoys working with our busy toddlers.




Room Leader

Chloe is a long-serving member of the Cavendish team, working across all age groups and all of the buildings. She brings a wealth of experience both working with children and leading a team. Chloe enjoys supporting the children to achieve their best and planning exciting activities and outings.

come and say hello

Cavendish Lodge, 52 Lewin Road, 

Streatham, London, SW16 6JT

Call 020 8835 8500

Please don't hesitate in contacting our admissions team  if you want to ask any questions before you visit the nursery

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