how to enrol

Cavendish Lodge Nurseries Cavendish Lodg

We are currently accepting applications for children aged six months and over. 
We have a 3 step process to make everything as easy as possible.

book a nursery tour


We know that you’ll love Cavendish Lodge Nurseries and we are delighted to show you around and explain everything. We hold nursery tours at all our nurseries every week. 

Please don't hesitate in contacting me if you want to ask any questions before you visit the nursery

Covid19 Restrictions


If possible, please avoid bringing your child to nursery tours while social distancing restrictions are in place.


All visitors must wear a face mask during a nursery tour.

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somers house

We are currently hosting virtual nursery tours at Somers House Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3.30 pm.

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Somers House Virtual Nursery Tour

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3.30 pm

Cavendish Lodge Nurseries Cavendish Lodg

cavendish lodge & dove House

To arrange a nursery tour please call 020 8835 8500

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register your interest


Once you’ve had a look around, we’ll give you a folder with the fees, arrangements and our terms and conditions. If you decide Cavendish Lodge Nurseries is for you and your little one, please register your interest by completing the relevant registration form via the link below.

After you have completed the online registration and paid the registration fee, you’ll be added to our waiting list of your chosen nursery. Once you are on the list, we will be in regular contact to keep you updated and formally offer you a place at Cavendish Lodge Nurseries.

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streatham nurseries

cavendish lodge and dove house

reigate nursery

somers house

formal offer


Once a place is available, you will receive a formal written offer of which you will need to accept (or decline) in writing.

After you have accepted the place, an invoice for a deposit of a month’s fees will be sent to you for payment within five days to secure your child’s place. You will also be offered dates for three settling-in sessions and submitted a formal enrolment form. 

Suppose you decline a place it is then offered to the next family on the waiting list. It does not count against you if you want to remain on the waiting list. However, you do then need to give us a revised start date and required days, so that we can update our waiting list accurately.