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This is where we share your child's nursery activities so you can continue to develop

and support their learning at home. 



December 2020

Winter and Christmas

The children have been starting to get excited about Christmas and have been noticing the changing seasons. To support these interests we are turning the Bunnies room into a winter wonderland complete with grotto, encouraging the children to play alongside each other, use their senses to explore, and to create Christmas decorations and crafts. 

To further support your child’s learning at home

Get your child involved by putting up the decorations, exploring the different colours and textures of baubles and tinsel (with supervision). This is a great sensory experience for the children and will encourage the development of their physical skills, passing baubles from one hand to the other, pointing and learning new single words such as ball, shiny, look, hang, fairy, star, etc. 

Home Cooking

The children love our cooking activities but unfortunately with our Covid19 procedures cooking has been very limited at nursery. Here is a simple Christmas cooking recipe that you can make with your child at home, Cheese stars recipe - BBC Good Food

Out and About

To get some fresh air take your child for a Christmas lights walk, discuss with them what they can see and hear, spotting Christmas characters and objects, talking about the weather and the clothing they need to wear in the winter when they go outside.


Christmas / Winter book suggestions: 



December 2020

Winter and Christmas

Recently the children have been getting excited about Christmas. They have been discussing the decorations going up at nursery, Father Christmas and their trees at home. To support this, we are going to be turning Badgers into a Christmas Wonderland with a Santa’s delivery map, a Christmas post office and writing letters to Santa. 


Week beginning 7th December  

We are focusing on Christmas traditions through a range of activities such as painting our own baubles to develop our hand eye co-ordination and our making skills, Scooping and counting baubles to support our mathematic skills and singing Christmas songs to encourage our exploration of media and our musical interests. We will also be having discussions at circle times about what each of us do in our homes at Christmas and explore what other people do in their homes for the festive season, looking at different cultures and religions over this period of time. 

Our Letter of this week is B. We will be exploring the letter B through creating a giant B puzzle, practicing writing B in our writing books, singing the letter B Jolly phonics song and looking for items in our rooms that start with the letter B such as “Bauble”!

Why not draw a letter B on a big piece of paper at home and trace over it with a Bauble from the tree to practice how to form the letter.

Week beginning 14th December  

We are focusing on Santa’s Workshop through activities such as role play playing in our Santa’s post office and extending our imaginations and abilities to continue play going making some extra-long paper chains to decorate Santa’s Workshop with and learn about different lengths and the words we use to describe them and practicing to form shapes, letters or numbers with our fingers when tracing in our own trays of snow! This week we are very lucky that we will also have a Santa Clause puppet show being shown to us by Miss Marta and Stacey from Fox Cubs. We can’t wait!

Out and About

To get some fresh air how about a Christmas lights walk where you talk about the sounds and sights along the way, developing your child’s observation and communication skills while getting some healthy exercise.


Chritsmas Craft

You could collect up any old bottles or toilet rolls and paint them into snowmen, this will encourage your child’s creativity and imagination and support the development of their fine motor skills too. Once they have dried set them up and find a ball and you have your very own snowman bowling alley! One of the favorite activities in the Badgers at the moment is cutting, and this really helps to support your child’s focus and attention, fine motor skills and creativity. Why not use the link below for a free Christmas cutting and sticking activity where your little one can practice cutting out shapes and sticking them to create Christmas items? 


2D Shape Christmas Tree and Festive Items Worksheet (



Christmas / Winter book suggestions:


Elmers Christmas

Dear Santa

Mog’s Christmas

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