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Cavendish Lodge Nurseries Cavendish Lodg


Our storeroom is an online shop for parents to order their little one's nursery uniform and other nursery items. 
All items are collected from our nursery receptions at pick up or drop off time. 
The payment for orders will be added to the parent's monthly invoice,

so there is no need to pay during ordering or collection.

nursery uniform

Our Cavendish lodge Nurseries uniform is compulsory when our little ones graduate to the Swallows, Bugs' Club or Fox Cubs rooms generally on or near to their 2nd birthday. 

We have obtained the most cost-effective, best quality garments possible, eliminating the thorny issue of best clothes from home being ruined with paint and craft materials at the same time being warm and comfortable for the children to wear during the nursery day.​

New Uniform Group shot.jpg

All uniform items are available to order with collection from nursery reception. 

order online and pick up from nursery

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